Regional Cooperation for Climate Resilient/Sensitive Development in Water Sector

South Asia is a region of high population density, rapid economic growth and diverse natural resources. However, it also faces multiple challenges in ensuring water, energy and food security for its people. The interdependence of these three sectors, known as the water-energy-food (WEF) nexus, requires integrated and holistic approaches to address the trade-offs and synergies among them.

To adapt to climate change and ensure water, energy and food security in South Asia, it is important to adopt a nexus approach that considers the interdependencies and trade-offs among the three sectors, and seeks to enhance synergies and co-benefits. A nexus approach can help to improve resource use efficiency, reduce wastage and pollution, promote innovation and diversification, and foster policy coherence and coordination. For example, improving irrigation efficiency can save water and energy, enhancing soil conservation can increase water availability and crop productivity, developing renewable energy sources can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and dependence on fossil fuels, and promoting dietary shifts can lower water and energy footprints.

This approach requires integrated planning and management across sectors and scales, as well as stakeholder participation and cooperation. Some of the benefits of applying the nexus approach in South Asia include: enhancing water productivity and efficiency; promoting renewable energy sources and energy conservation; reducing food losses and waste; improving soil health and agricultural resilience; strengthening regional cooperation and transboundary governance; and fostering innovation and knowledge sharing. These measures can help to build resilience and adaptive capacity in the water, energy and food sectors, and contribute to sustainable development in South Asia.

9 September

12:15 PM – 2:15 PM





Malik Fida A Khan

Executive Director, Center for Environmental and Geographic Information Services


Md Mahady Hassan

Country Coordinator, The World Bank Group

Thakur Gaire, MP

Member of Parliament, Nepal

Gyem Dorji, MP

Member of Parliament, Bhutan

Agatha Sangma, MP

Member of Parliament, India