Thakur Gaire, MP

Member of Parliament, Nepal

Mr Thakur Gaire has been a Member of parliament since 2022.

12:15 PM - 2:14 PM

September 9 Day 2

Session: Regional Cooperation for Climate Resilient Development in Water Sector

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Key Note:

Mr. Malik Fida A Khan
Executive Director, CEGIS Member, National River Conservation Commission


Mr. Gyem Dorji, MP
Chairperson, Parliament Committee on Environment and Climate Change

Ms Agatha Sangma, MP
Member Climate Parliament India

Mr. Thakur Gaire, MP
Member, Climate Parliament Nepal

Mr Mahady Hassan
Country Coordinator, WRG Bangladesh (Coca-Cola)


Neeltje Kielan
Delegated Representative Water
Embassy of the Kingdom of Netherlands